Why Video Is Essential For The Legal Sector

Building trust is vital in the legal sector, as clients need to be confident that your firm has their best interests at heart. According to the American Bar Association, videos convey what services and expertise the attorneys can deliver. Video is amongst one of the most effective ways to market your business as it is an educational, informative and inspirational way of portraying your firm’s expertise.

Videos create the opportunity for your message to be brought to life, allowing you to speak to your audience in a way that is almost impossible using still images and the written word. According to true focus media video content shows you and your firm in more clarity by showing your services, staff, office and your partners. The ability to convey complicated messages in just one or two minutes that resonate with your audience is why video is going to be one of the most powerful marketing trends of the next decade.

"96% of consumers find videos helpful when making purchase decisions online."


This powerful medium can be used to outline the knowledge and expertise your firm has and how you can help potential clients. This then can then be reinforced with testimonials that highlight stories of how your legal services firm has delivered on its promises to clients and used its expertise to achieve positive outcomes.


Public misconceptions and legal complexities can make engaging with a Law Firm a daunting prospect for those without a detailed knowledge of the law. Video is a powerful way to overcome this issue. It can be used to outline the legal issues your firm handles and explain the key points at a level that is tailored to the needs of your target audience.

Potential clients will feel more confident in a Law Firm that has the knowledge and ability to solve their problems. Using video shows off both your values and unique personality as a company without the complexities of too many written explanations. Thus saving you time to concentrate on additional cases and continuing to grow your Business. Video allows you to show that your firm has the  capacity relieve any legal strain from your client.


Once a potential client understands what your firm does and how you can help them with their issue, testimonials can be used to bring this to life. Get Legal point out customers want to hire a lawyer with a bold, assertive personality, and simply put, video is the best way to convey your personality to viewers online.

Testimonials back up what you claim on your website and marketing materials with real life examples from current or past clients.  A good testimonial tells a story with your client at the heart and your company as the “hero”. This creates a powerful word of mouth effect that can be shared across your marketing operations, particularly social media, emailing and most importantly your website.

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