What Type Of Video Content Should I Make?

What type of video content should I make? It’s a question we hear time and again from countless businesses who are embarking on producing a video for the first time. Most business recognise the importance of having at least a limited online presence however now is the time to start including video content within your channel mix. Video is not only informative, but also interactive and engaging too. Evidence confirms what we have long been telling our clients, Users are far more interested in watching content online rather than reading.

"56% of senior executives would rather watch a video than read text."

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The case for video is compelling. Websites featuring video content receive approximately 2 x 3 times as much traffic over websites without.  The amount of time users spend on your website is also significantly increased when a video resides in the upper third of the home page. On a less quantifiable note, a well made video will allow your clients to see what your company offers rather than just read about it.

With the demand for online video content unlikely to diminish any time soon, it is no longer a case of whether or not you should be using video, but rather what type or types of video are the best fit for your business? For more about why you should be using video online check out an alternative blog post, ‘Online Video Is No Longer Nice To Have‘.

"It takes 10 seconds to grab the attention of viewers in a video marketing clip."

Visible Measures


This is amongst the most popular and effective ways of showcasing your business. A good talking head presentation is a simple and very personal way of delivering your message. This typical format features a chosen representative from the company speaking directly into the camera, alongside visuals which reinforce the spoken message. The benefits of this type of video are:

  1. Quick to produce – effective for all businesses
  2. Perfect for short deadlines
  3. Direct and Personal


Case studies or testimonial films tend to take the form of a documentary format and usually consist of a testimonial or case study from a particularly satisfied or high-profile customer or business partner.

This customer can endorse your brand by highlighting the positive impact your business has made on your customer’s company. Client testimonials are emotive, creating a greater appeal to other customers seeking validation on your business. Case studies can be used as a way of showcasing your newest campaign and projects or simply highlight the existing achievements of your company. The benefits of this type of video are:

  1. Testimonials are quick to produce
  2. Creates a clear explanation of your business
  3. Customer validation for new clients


Rather than focusing on an individual product or service, a brand led video speaks more generally about the business and tends to refer to the values the business presents i.e a culture of innovation, or community building (for example). A brand led approach to your video can help your business reach the most people within a target market audience. The benefits of this type of video are:

  1. Target a large audience
  2. Specific focus on brand promotion
  3. Useful in a run up to a product launch




An event video is a 2-3 minute display highlighting the success of an event your business has conducted.  Whether used as a platform to launch a new product or simply promote the company, your business colleagues have more then likely invested a lot of time and energy into making your event great, so this type of video is perfect to showcase the excitement and buzz from your special event. This kind of video can be used to remind existing customers how amazing your events are and build excitement for future attendance. The benefits of this type of video are:

  1. Promote events
  2. Highlight particularly successful events
  3. Create excitement and build up to future events


These videos are normally around 2-3 minutes long, but can be elongated. The videos normally feature one or two people demonstrating how a particular product can be used. It can be particular helpful to show products or services that can be exhibited quickly. Explainer videos have become a popular tool to entice customers, with companies effectively being able to speak to customers through demonstrations and storytelling. The benefits of this type of video are:

  1. Specific product focus
  2. Ability to demonstrate the product directly to customer
  3. Internal use for product training 


Animated films can be used to promote abstract products or services much more effectively then a talking head presentation. Essentially, animated videos are a simulation of movement created by a sequence of pictures or frames. This video type is a fun and captivating way of exhibiting your business and can be particularly effective when anonymity is important or when attempting to add some levity to a difficult or weighty subject. Animation does require quite a bit of planning in the pre-production stage, but this creates a much more targeted and focused finished product. The planning is worthwhile when a unique and enjoyable video is created. The benefits of this type of video are:

  • Unique, enjoyable and fun video
  • Focused and more targetable
  • Useful to highlight abstract products

At Element 26, we’re experts in both devising strategies and creating effective video. If you require any further assistance either preparing for, or shooting your video, do not hesitate to get in contact.

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