TitansRX - Head Writer Contract

Position: TitansRX Head Writer

Date Created: 3rd April 2019

Reference Number: 030419-2N

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From: Element 26 Ltd, 8 City Road, EC1Y 2AA, United Kingdom (company number:8563991)

Job Description

The head writer’s primary task will be to write articles for the TitansRX website on a daily basis. These articles have to include current events, announcements and reactions on social media, but can cover many other topic not listed.
During the race weekends, the head writer has to travel to the race locations and write content for the TV production to be used by the commentators and announcers. The writer will have to coordinate with the Producer for this content.
During the race weekend, the head writer also needs to update the TitansRX website with results and latest news as the weekend progresses. These are to be short bulletins that can be coordinated with the social media manager.
Part of the writing on the race weekends is to work together with the producer to write a script for the 30 minute TV programme to be aired on Eurosport after the race weekend.
The head writer will also contribute to the MJP promotions website, and other websites which have been previously agreed upon. These articles would count as substitutes to TitansRX articles. The head writer will also contribute to TitansRX press releases.
Regular contact with TV production and Social Media needs to be maintained, as well as a required monthly in-person meeting.
Fees & Schedule
The total fee allocated to the position of social media manager is £8,800 spread across 8 instalments of £1,100 paid on the 25th of each month. The schedule of payments is outlined below

1. April 25th: £1,100

2. May 25th: £1,100

3. June 25th: £1,100

4. July 25th: £1,100

5. August 25th: £1,100

6. September 25th: £1,100

7. October 25th: £1,100

8. November 25th: £1,100

Total: £8,800


Full Terms and Conditions available here. If the rates, statement of work and terms acceptable, indicate your acceptance by signing below.

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Signed On: 4th April 2019

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