VIdeo Production Agreement

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Project Objective

Insert the customer's pain point here.


Creative Suggestion

Insert our solution the customer's pain point here.



Order Form

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This Order has been prepared by Nathan Haines for in relation to provision by Element 26 Ltd of 8 City Road, as more fully set forth in the video discussion document. The prices and terms and conditions proposed in this Order shall remain valid until - insert date here - .

If this order remains unsigned after this date the prices are subject to change.

wdt_ID Project Breakdown Line Total
1 Pre-Production £100.00
2 Production £200.00
3 Post-Production £300.00
4 Deliverables £400.00
5   £1,000.00


Payment Terms

All prices exclude VAT. Payment for this production would be spread across 2 instalments. The initial payment will be due within 48 hours of acceptance of this Order and the final payment will then be required within 24 hours of accepted delivery. Full Terms and Conditions available here. If the rates, statement of work and terms acceptable, indicate your acceptance by signing below.


Schedule & Deliverables

Project Timeline: Delivery on or before - insert date here-.


Deliverables & Usage

Deliverables consist of up to X x HD Mp4(s) for online use only. Files are issued under license for a period of x Years. Territory of use Worldwide for (Insert usage location) only. Original assets such as footage or character designs etc remain the property of Element 26 Ltd.


Hosting and Optimisation:

No Hosting is included in this offer

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Signed by Nathan Haines
Signed On: 28th April 2018

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