Choosing the correct specifications for Facebook Videos

Getting the Facebook video specifications right is essential for making sure your videos play nice on the social network. 

The challenge that many marketers face is that there are so many different ways to use video across the platform, it can be tough to get the Facebook video specifications right.

Thats where we thought we might be able to help…

In this blog we’re focused on shared video posts… if you’re interested in learning more about Facebook’s advertising specifications for video, try this link here (coming soon).

When thinking about video on Facebook it is important to distinguish between Shared video, Advertising video and Live video.

So, what are shared video posts?

Shared video posts cover three aspects of video on Facebook, your standard video post, 360 degree video and also video in Facebook Stories. Shared video tend to come in two flavours… tall or wide (portrait or landscape)

  • Aspect ratio for landscape videos is 16:9 – upload the highest resolution in this aspect ratio as possible.
  • Aspect ratio for portrait videos is 9:16 –  upload the highest resolution in this aspect ratio as possible.
  • File type – for consistent results we like to recommend users upload an Mp4 of their video file however you can find a complete list of supported video formats here.
  • Running time – maximum length for shared videos is 120 minutes
  • File size –  maximum 4GB

360 video sounds like a lot of fun

You bet it is! 360 video lets users navigate around your videos by turning their device (or scrolling with their cursor if they’re on a desktop) – we love it because it makes your video content feel more immersive.

In order to create the 360 degree effect, the video file you upload has to be significantly larger than your typical shared video… we’ve listed the specs below…

  • Aspect ratio – 1:1 or 2:1
  • File type – MP4 @ 30 fps
  • Running time – maximum length is 30 mins 
  • File size – up to 10GB

Video and Facebook Stories

Facebook stories are gaining in traction every year. In fact, according to TechCrunch… Facebook Stories are growing 15 x faster than feeds. It’s logical that businesses must evolve to embrace this change.

So what are Facebook Stories? The concept of stories began with Snapchat back in 2013 and has been adopted by almost all the main social media networks at the time of writing this article. The main allure of stories is their short life span. Story content lasts not longer than 24 hours.

Unlike posts, users don’t engage with comments but instead respond via reactions. Similarly, Story content doesn’t appear in the News Feed but instead appears along the top of the platform via a carousel of images.

So what are the specs I need to know? Good question, lets get into it…

  • Aspect ratio – 500 x 500
  • File type – we recommend mp4 but it will be whatever your phone records natively
  • Running time – up to 20 seconds in length
  • File size – up to 4GB (tough to reach on a 20 second clip)

Thanks for checking out this post… if you’re interested in learning more about Facebook Live then follow this link here. If you want to find out more about the Facebook video specifications for advertising on the platform click this link here (coming soon). 

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Alan Parry is the Post-Supervisor at Element 26 Ltd. Alan is an expert in all areas of post-production including pipeline management, production formats and broadcast delivery. A proud South Londoner, Alan is also hugely into his rugby and enjoys playing for his local club... for as long as his knee holds out.