Three types of video content to create when you can’t film

Coronavirus has made marketing difficult for lots of businesses. Whilst countries all over the world appear to be in various stages of lockdown, events calendars have been torn apart leaving marketing plans to gather dust on the cutting room floor.

Now we’ve come to terms with the fact that we can’t run events in the way we’re used to… business owners, CMOs and marketing managers are all telling me that content (alongside virtual events) is at the heart of their plans for the foreseeable future.

For this blog, I thought it would be helpful to focus on three types of video content to create when you can’t film so that you can continue to delight your audience with content they will love during these unprecedented times.

Revisit your old media

Just because you can’t film doesn’t mean your existing media has no value. Often recording a new voice over, choosing new music or creating new graphics can make your video feel completely new again!

Bonus tip – you can also change up some of the colours in your video to make them look completely different.

Create animation

Lots of my clients tell me that they are interested in making more animation but they are unsure where to start. If this is you, you might well be interested in our blog ‘5 things to know when switching from live action to animation’.

The benefits of animation in the current climate are obvious – no mass gatherings, it’s still story based and it is a highly flexible medium. What I mean by ‘flexible medium’ is that it can be as imaginative or as conservative as your brand allows whilst still managing to be highly engaging.

If you’re interested in learning more about animation, why not take a look at some of the work of our animation directors by clicking here.


Interview your favourite clients

You no doubt will have seen a lot of these already – but video interviews like the one below are a fantastic low cost way of creating targeted video content to informing your community. These videos are particularly effective because your audience should ideally either identify with the content or see themselves in the interview subjects. 

I hope you found this short blog useful and you feel better informed about what types of content you can make right now to get the conversation started.

At Element 26 we can help you with all of your video production requirements. If you have any questions or if you would like to discuss your ideas in more detail, why not make an appointment with me by clicking here.


About the Author

Nathan Haines

Nathan is the managing director of Element 26 and an expert in video production and video marketing. Nathan enjoys supporting companies to grow their businesses using video. Get in touch on Twitter @element26uk