Production Examples for Finance Unlocked

Hi Chris and Henry.

Chris, great to see you again, and Henry lovely to meet you.

As promised, here are 4 example videos for your reference. We’ve put a range in there for you to view, but hopefully you can see along the lines of what we can aim for.

Let me know thoughts!



Example  Films


Name: PFS Thank You Video

Element 26 filmed the Personal Finance Event before Christmas, we cut together the presentations and a thank you video (as seen here). I’ve put this in this document so you can see the interviews we conducted, (thankfully we had a Christmas tree to play with!).


Name: Reylon

Iron Box Capital commissioned a video to highlight the relationship it has with Reylon. We took amazing shots from the films they were involved with and coupled it with the interviews. Even though a few of the interviewees are in different set ups, the locations are the same. Keeping it interesting and consistent.


Name: Optimax TV Commercial

Element 26 were commissioned to produce a television commercial for Optimax, the idea was to keep it simple and clear. Our character is in different locations, but the tone, feel and style of the production remains consistent throughout.


Name: World RX Team Austria

We had the immense pleasure of filming races and interviews during the World Rally Cross series. Here we put together a quick highlights video of the race that took place in Mettet, Belgium. This approach is of a ‘run and gun’ one, rather being shot in a controlled environment. I’ve selected it for this document so you can see a little more of our creative range.



Perfect Cellar Testimonial for Element 26


Kingpin Testimonial for Element 26