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Many service lead businesses tell us that, because what they supply isn’t tangible, they often face a challenge to make their offering feel real in the mind’s eye of their prospect. This is where a customer journey film can be tremendously effective. The Service 100 walks your prospect through the complete customer journey to give your prospects the sense of what it is like to do business with you before they make the commitment.

Good customer service has never been more important than in today’s competitive environment. According to Forrester ‘72% of businesses name improving customer service as their top priority’. And for good reason, with so many businesses offering high quality services, customer service has become the means by which customer’s distinguish one business from the next.

We created the Service 100 to familiarise your prospects with your processes, to help generate excitement and to reduce anxiety and/or objections in cautious customers. Because the video features quite far down the purchase funnel it is not restricted by things such as length.

Because testimonials are very effective for service lead businesses, we also recommend the 60/40 film as this can be an effective way to build trust.

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