Product 100

Unlike the name suggests, the Product 100 isn’t just suited to businesses who like to sell products, it’s suited to services led businesses too. Otherwise known as an Explainer Film, the idea is that we take the features and benefits of your offering and turn them into a compelling narrative which resonates with your target audience. A well made Product 100 should tease the senses as explainer films have the enviable ability to be able to mix the factual with the emotive.

The Product 100 is often driven by either a voice over or by a presenter and will often focus on the thinking behind the development of your offering. Some of the most influential explainer films include this classic from Dollar Shave Club and this film from Mint.

An important film in the consideration set, a well executed Product 100 should encourage your audience to choose you over your competitor. 

"90% of of users find product videos help them make buying decisions."


As the Product 100 is so close to the purchase action, it is not ideal to use social video channels to host this piece of video content.

Alternatively, if your business is in Service, then you might find the sister product to the Product 100 more befitting your business. The Service 100 is aimed at service lead businesses who want to familiarise their prospects with their processes.

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