If you’ve ever wondered how to structure your video offering to maximise its effectiveness then you’re not alone. We’ve spoken to countless businesses who have heard the hype around video but don’t seem to be capitalising on the full potential of the medium. Often what is lacking is a properly thought through awareness strategy for their video.

The Elevator 1 belongs at the top of the purchase funnel meaning its primary function is to serve as an awareness film for your products and/or service – often the real beneficiary of this type of film is the brand itself, which is precisely why an effective Elevator 1 will focus on values rather than features or benefits. Whether the audience laugh or cry, the goal of a successful Elevator 1 should be to move your prospects emotionally rather than drive them towards a sale.

Playing the game of percentages, we understand that the majority of your audience will never go much further than your awareness film however, those who do, should be better aligned with your offering meaning a number of net benefits including increased sales, decreased site bounces and longer dwell times.

Awareness films sit at a fascinating cross-road because, as is illustrated in McKinsey’s ‘Customer Decision Journey’, Social Media has had fundamentally altered how, why and when people discover products, services and information.

The Elevator 1 is a promotional film which is designed to capture and move your prospects emotionally. It should contain social signals too as this can be exploited as part of your larger marketing strategy to engage prospects in conversations or alternatively, through user generated content.

Due to the implicit social value of this type of film, you might consider channels such as YouTube and Facebook as being the ideal home for your Elevator 1. In addition to these social channels, the Elevator 1 is also really effective when deployed across the ‘Open Web’ (anything outside an app based eco-system; think The Telegraph rather than Facebook). Metrics we use to define the success of an Elevator 1 are Likes, Views and Shares. Comments are less important as the Elevator 1 hasn’t yet engaged your core audience.

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