Most businesses are exposed to some level of competition. To stand out from the crowd, it is important to remember that people buy from people which is why it is essential to humanise your organisation as much as possible.

Interestingly, the notion that price is the key determining factor around why people buy is actually incorrect. Research has proven that while quantifiable objects such as facts, features or price play an influential part in the decision making process, the majority of people buy based on their emotions. “What does my gut tell me about this product or service”?

The thing which separates one company from the next are the people in that business and the values they stand for. This is why we created the Culture 360 to put a face to the name and to provide a means by which your audience feels connected to you.

The Culture 360 resides on the second run of the purchase funnel, in line with ‘Opinion’ and should be deployed when a prospect has begun to show an interest in your offering.

The Culture 360 is one of the most determining films within the Video Essentials bundle because it is the means by which we establish the brand values of all your subsequent video work. By getting to know the company stakeholders we begin to understand what the business stands for. These same values should then permeate through all subsequent content to form a continuity of message.

As the Culture 360 isn’t an awareness film, it is not advisable to place this film on YouTube, Facebook or other social channels. This film should be deployed on a specific page on your website and ideally should use a specialist video hosting service, designed to make the most of your video content’s intrinsic SEO value.

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