Colour Grade


Looking for the ideal place to perform your colour grade? We’re really proud of our newly installed, fully-calibrated, 4k grading suite. Located in our production offices only minutes away from Old Street station, we’ve positioned the grading suite deep underground to maximise the privacy of your production and to avoid any unwanted light or sound pollution. 

Part of a buzzing post-production department, we use our extensive experience and comprehensive workflow knowledge to manage your project throughout the entire post-production process. Running on Davinci Resolve, we invite you and your team to take your films to grade on our 65″ OLED display. At Element 26 you can be confident that all deliverables we produce will adhere to the latest broadcast standards.

We would like to get to know more about your project and to see what direction you might like to take it in. Can we create some looks from your footage to see what’s possible?

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