It’s no secret that testimonials are incredibly effective at driving conversions. According to Social Fresh, ‘customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for content marketing at 89%’.

By the time your customers have entered the consideration set they will have dispensed with offerings which they deem to be unsuitable and are instead weighing up a filtered selection of products or services most closely aligned with their needs. If you’re not in your customer’s consideration set, it is highly unlikely you will win the business. The goal, should then be to become the preferred option.

The 60/40 film is part testimonial – part case study. Divided into two sections, the first section of the film occupies 60% of the film’s running time and features your client talking about their business, what they do, how they add value, their vision for the future, why they are important etc.

The second section of the film lasts for the remaining 40% of the running time and is the perfect opportunity for your client to talk about how you have helped them to live out the values they listed in the initial section of the film.

The 60/40 film is particularly effective when featuring a contributor that reflects a market segment you are looking to enter. It is also a terrific device for demonstrating how your company is embedded into the larger business community. A well produced 60/40 should resonate with the viewer to the point where they say, i’m facing a similar situation, that person is like me; this business is for me.

Seen as the 60/40 is typically used towards the bottom of the purchase funnel, it is not advisable to host this film on social channels and instead we recommend using this film as part of your larger ‘earned’ strategy by leveraging the videos intrinsic SEO value.

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