LinkedIn Report: The Tech Marketers Guide to B2B Video

It’s no secret that we’re passionate about online video within B2B marketing here at Element 26.

Which is why, when LinkedIn invited us to contribute to a report about B2B video, we jumped at the opportunity.

It’s generally understood that online video has to be very short to keep people’s attention.

We’re also told that it needs to be humorous and produced with production values in line with the latest episode of Game of Thrones in order to keep pace with the competition.

Anyone who has watched the latest season of Game of Thrones will know this is no small undertaking.

Alongside contributors from ON24, StoryMe, Gyro, Omobono, TwentyThree, Drift and Hootsuite; the contents of this guide cover how taking an audience-first approach can help you fit video into the tech buying journey in a way that fits available budgets – and delivers against your most important objectives.

Click through this link to access the report ‘The Tech Marketers Guide to B2B Video’.

We’re really proud of this report and hope you find it as helpful as we have found it enjoyable to produce.

About the Author

Nathan Haines

Nathan is the managing director of Element 26 and an expert in video production and video marketing. Nathan enjoys supporting companies to grow their businesses using video. Get in touch on Twitter @element26uk

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