ISIS Papyrus – 30th Anniversary Film – Storyboard

Papyrus Software Logo

Here we present the first draft storyboard for the ISIS Papyrus 30th Anniversary film. The film will look at the past, present and future of ISIS Papyrus and will form the general template of interviews with key Papyrus people, supported by b-roll and clips from previous Papyrus films and events.

Storyboard – 3rd February 2018

World Business Review 90's

We open on a short montage of hand-picked clips from old Papyrus content and videos. These include clips from old open houses and product promos, and the World Business Review appearance (as seen above).

Papyrus Software Logo

We then see a collection of the ISIS Papyrus logos over the years, finishing witht he most recent Papyrus Software logo.

ISIS Papyrus 30th Anniversary

We show the interviews that will be filmed. Using the style of the Reylon film (above) we will make the interviews look very slick and high quality. We will use an assortment of interview placements and backgrounds to give variety.

The topics covered in the interviews will reflect the company’s brand values:

The Software. More than just code. The Client. More than a project. The Solutions. More than a phrase. The People. More than a company

Phone App Interface Mock up

Intercutting the interviews will include B-Roll of previous films we have made for ISIS Papyrus, including product videos. We will also include graphics of ISIS Times editions and it’s content over the years, which will show how Papyrus have moved forwards and grown.

Helga Maragret Reykdal, General Manager, ISIS Papyrus

Another example of an interview set-up. The questions we will ask the interviewees will be tailored to their specific job role, and will be formed about the past and present of ISIS Papyrus.

Max Pucher Keynote Speech

Other B-Roll will include visuals of past events including the Open Houses, and the gala in Egypt.

Work Laptop in Cafe

The film will look towards the future of ISIS Papyrus. Here we will ask the interviewees about the future and what that looks like.

ISIS Papyrus Dock

The film will finish by revealing the ISIS Papyrus building – hinting towards the next 30 years.