5 Things Healthcare Companies Can Do To Make Better Videos

A friend of mine is a GP. He told me that one of the problems he faces at his surgery is that every patient he sees thinks they know what’s wrong with them. The reason? It’s so easy for them to go online and Google their symptoms. What’s less simple is for him to persuade them what they are so certain is Dengue Fever is in fact just a slight cold.

Searching about health is one of the most popular activities online. According to research in the US by Pew, 80% of internet users in the US searched for health-related topics online in 2016. That’s a jump from 62% in 2001.

Some healthcare companies have been slow to target the vast audience that is out there for healthcare videos. Others have started using video but their efforts are lacklustre at best. Here are 5 things healthcare companies can do to make better videos.

Use video to show your values

We talk a lot in our blogs about the importance of your videos fitting along the customer journey. (You can read more about this in our forthcoming White Paper, ‘How to use video marketing to win more business‘.) Customers start that journey when they become aware of your product or services. This is the video version of your elevator pitch and the best ones focus on values rather than features or benefits.  

This video by Nuffield Health doesn’t say anything about Nuffield, who they are or what they do apart from their details on the final screen. The video is a montage of people in the gym or recovering from an illness or injury, and signs off with the slogan “A small victory is still a victory”. The message is that Nuffield cares about your fitness and wellbeing and are with you for every tiny step you take towards your goal.

Tell a story

As we say in our blog, How To Tell The Story Of Your Business Through Video, creating an emotional link with your audience is crucial. The best way to do this is through storytelling.

As people are so invested in their own wellbeing, videos that tell stories lend themselves especially well to healthcare companies.

This one by the American Heart Association starring Emmy-nominated Elizabeth Banks is brilliant. It tells the story of a harassed mother getting her children ready for school and while doing so, having a heart attack. It makes a serious subject entertaining, and memorable.

It is also a great example of targeting your video content to a defined audience. This is aimed squarely at the typical mother who puts her husband and children first and herself last, often at the expense of her health.

Be authentic

We are all so inundated with marketing messages that our bullshit detector is set permanently to high alert. Anything phoney gets instantly zapped and rejected.

This gives added value to anything authentic. This video by BUPA is preview scene from a 10-minute film that highlights a wife’s frustration and joy in dealing with her husband, who suffers from dementia. The whole film is 12 minutes long and was shot at BUPA’s care home The Springs in Malvern. It’s so achingly real you can’t help but be moved by it.

Explain the process

Many people are petrified of becoming ill or needing treatment in hospital. This is often due to what’s been described as “the greatest fear of all”, fear of the unknown.

Explainer videos that clarify complicated issues or procedures are ideal for healthcare. These videos are often animated, like this one by prostate cancer specialists Wisercare.

This type of video is important when your customer is considering whether to buy your product or service and wants to overcome doubts in their mind.  


When people have a health issue they are likely to search obsessively for information about it. They are hungry for detailed knowledge that gives them practical help.

The Mayo Clinic has latched onto this and produced a series of one-minute videos that tackle specific health issues. This one about eosinophilic esophagitis may not have universal appeal but it will certainly be appreciated by people who suffer from the problem.

Element 26 has videos for every stage of the customer journey that are ideal for healthcare companies. We also produce bespoke videos. Please contact us for further information.

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