Mapping your video strategy for 2019


Great video marketing events can be hard to find in London. With video emerging as the preferred format among consumers, you’ve probably already begun integrating video into your content mix

Yet many marketers aren’t video producers and as such, are not fully equipped to maximise the value of the content they’re creating.

Join us for breakfast on the 23rd May where we will take you through the A-Z of building an effective video marketing strategy for 2019.

This event is perfect for marketing leaders in organisations ready to embrace video and to take their content to the next level.

We look forward to meeting you.

Limited spaces available. Come along if you are ready to become masters in video marketing.

Building your brand
Marketing a complex product/ service
Driving engagement
Standing out from competition
Keeping people engaged long enough to buy
Building trust
Boosting your SEO
Brand awareness
Generating new leads
Video analysis

Scale-up companies looking to enter new markets
Marketing managers looking to drive more ROI (through sticky touch points)
Marketing managers seeking to increase their presence online
Companies that are rebranding

How to use video on social channels to drive traffic back to your website
Finding the right content to maximise your ROI
How to plan and prepare your video content
In-house video production vs using a production company
Where to place your video and how to track it’s progress
Video trends for 2019
How to create your brands persona through video
The foundations and fundamentals for a successful video

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