Script Development Agreement

This is a legally binding agreement between Element 26 Ltd, of 8 City Road, EC1Y 2AA and

of . 


Scope of work

This Order has been prepared by Nathan Haines in relation to provision of development services by Element 26 Ltd.

The deliverable consists of a working shooting script which is issued under license in perpetuity to exploit for online use only by .

This budget also serves as a deposit on your next production with Element 26 Ltd, so long as the project is an extension of subsequent deliverable.

The prices and terms and conditions proposed in this Order shall remain valid for 10 days from time of issue.

If this order remains unsigned after this date the prices are subject to change.

Order form

Line Item Value excluding VAT
Development of Script for   £1,499.00


All prices exclude VAT. The initial payment will be due within 48 hours of acceptance of this Order.

If the rates and statement of work and acceptable, indicate your acceptance by signing below.

By signing below, you hereby commission Element 26 Ltd to produce a script for my forthcoming production.

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Signed by Nathan Haines
Signed On: 30th August 2018

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