We Have A New Website, Do We Need Video Too?

We have a new website for our business, do we really need a video too? This is a good question and one we get all of the time.

After all, your new website has probably cost a fair bit of money and taken months to build. Surely, it will deliver everything that your business needs. It may do and it may not, we can’t say. What we can tell you is that your new website will undoubtedly be enhanced by having video content. Here are 6 reasons why:

Video builds rapport more easily than words

One of the challenges for every website is to build rapport with its visitors. Using the written word to do this is hard. According to Statisticbrain.com, the average person has an attention span of just eight seconds. And, less than a third of the words on an average web page are even read. By contrast, 60% of visitors to a site will watch a video before reading any text (Diode Digital). When someone watches your video, you engage more of their senses. They watch, listen and pick up the nuances of body language from the people on the screen. The more a visitor’s senses are used, the better you will connect with them and the more likely it is that they will respond to your calls to action.

Better dwell time

If you are not familiar with the term “dwell time” you are forgiven for thinking it measures how long a visitor stays on a web page. In fact, that’s not right. It measures the time between a user clicking on a search result, i.e. your website, and going back to the search to find another site to visit. Why does this matter?

It’s important because a short dwell time is a signal that the user has not found what they are looking for. The result – being delivered to a website – has not satisfied the user’s query. A long dwell time indicates the opposite. Video gives longer dwell time, simple as that. And while there is no guarantee that Google uses dwell time as a metric in ranking websites, many search engine optimisation specialists (SEO) believe they do.

You won’t get left behind by your competition

A recent report by Wyzowl revealed that 61% of businesses currently use video as a marketing tool. If you are one of the 39% who aren’t, you’re being left behind. And it is only going to get worse  – 91% of businesses say they plan to increase or maintain their spending on video this year.

Video is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity, as you can read on our blog Online video is no longer nice to have.

Video brings testimonials to life

Your new website is most likely sprinkled with testimonials and case studies showing how good your products are services are. That’s great, as no one can deny the power of word of mouth. There’s a ‘but’ coming. The ‘but’ is that written testimonials are not nearly as powerful as video ones.

One reason for this is that people don’t always believe what they read online. You can’t doubt the truth though of someone on video giving a testimonial. And, almost regardless of what they say, the mere fact that one of your clients is happy to take the time to record a video is testimonial in itself. There are plenty of other benefits, too, as you can read in our blog 8 reasons to make a testimonial video.   

Video explains your services in a way words can’t

A report by Hubspot says that 90% of users find product videos help them make buying decisions. That’s a huge number. Part of the reason for this is that people retain 95% of what they see in a video compared to just 10% when they read it.   

And it’s not just consumers shopping online who rely on video. According to Hubspot, three-quarters of executives watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week.

"90% of of users find product videos help them make buying decisions."


Videos are perfect for sharing on social media

Most businesses use at least one social media channel to promote their business. These channels are hungry for content and you are constantly fighting for attention in a crowded space.

If you are in any doubt how video will raise your visibility on social media, especially on mobile devices, consider this one fact alone. YouTube reports that mobile video consumption rises 100% every year.

To discuss more reasons why you need a video on your new website, please get in touch.

About the Author

Nathan Haines

Nathan is the managing director of Element 26 and an expert in video production and video marketing. Nathan enjoys supporting companies to grow their businesses using video. Get in touch on Twitter @element26uk

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