"The range of different videos, display brilliantly how patients experience the environment and the team."

Viktoria Berens, Barkhill Dental

Barkhill Dental had seen success in the early years of the practice by marketing through the Yellow Pages. As time moved on and the traditional methods of growing the practice became increasingly less dependable, Ian and his team began looking for new and innovative ways to make patients aware of who they were and how they could help bring healthier smiles to Yorkshire.

Ian was skeptical about some of the advice he had received about digital marketing but had already been turned on to the power of video marketing by members of his peers working in the United States.

When the time ultimately came to revisit the ageing Barkhill Dental website, it was the perfect opportunity to put video at the core of their marketing activities. Working with a third party we put the new Barkhill website together, we also worked on a strategy which required the production of 6 films.  

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