Case Studies


"Element 26 are well grounded individuals, that know exactly what the client wants and can deliver it for them as well."

James Foulkes, Founder, Kingpin Communications

Founded in 1997, Kingpin Communications is an international B2B agency specialising in servicing tech brands in a media buying a data broking world. The agency started working with Element 26 at the end of 2016 when they were seeking a video partner to service their clients.

The relationship between Element 26 and Kingpin works incredibly well; Element 26 handles the creative execution of video content whilst Kingpin manages the distribution of said content; either programmatically through the likes of Unruly Media or through channel partners.

The Video Essentials bundle is our sales and marketing video stack which is helpful for agencies such as Kingpin who need a clear and simple way to explain how video can be valuable to their clients. In the video above, James Foulkes, co-founder of Kingpin gives a brief history of the agency and talks about why they like to work with Element 26. 

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"The range of different videos, display brilliantly how patients experience the environment and the team."

Viktoria Berens, Barkhill Dental

Barkhill Dental had seen success in the early years of the practice by marketing through the Yellow Pages. As time moved on and the traditional methods of growing the practice became increasingly less dependable, Ian and his team began looking for new and innovative ways to make patients aware of who they were and how they could help bring healthier smiles to Yorkshire.

Ian was skeptical about some of the advice he had received about digital marketing but had already been turned on to the power of video marketing by members of his peers working in the United States.

When the time ultimately came to revisit the ageing Barkhill Dental website, it was the perfect opportunity to put video at the core of their marketing activities. Working with a third party we put the new Barkhill website together, we also worked on a strategy which required the production of 6 films.

Each of the new films were pulled from our ‘Video Essentials’ bundle and included, an Elevator 1 (the practice’s advert), a Service 100 (a film which takes the patient through the typical journey with the practice), a Culture 360 which introduced the team and then 3 x 60/40 testimonials.

Collectively, the films have really set the firm apart and have proven phenomenal at driving new enquiries.    

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"We have very complicated requirements, we need great ideas. We have been doing really great things with Element 26."

Annemarie Pucher, CEO, ISIS Papyrus

The Papyrus Platform from Austrian IT firm ISIS Papyrus, is a consolidated solution that brings together Adaptive Case Management (ACM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process Management (BPM), Business Rules Management (BRM), and operational Business Intelligence (BI).

Entirely an awareness driven film, ‘Going Mobile’ as the project was referred to, features a fictional companies IT department, who have taken themselves off to a nearby cafe to discuss the latest challenge facing their department; the prospect of taking all their business applications mobile.

The IT manager appears towards the end of the film presenting where he unveils that the entire Papyrus Platform is already natively mobile. The goal here was to position ISIS Papyrus as the hero of the story and to quickly convey the solution.

Going Mobile is regularly used at events and online at and you can watch the film below.

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"How they draw creativity, has been fantastically successful for us. Element 26, a fantastically talented team."

Sara Carter, CMO, Thinkers HQ

The Perfect Cellar is an online retailer and importer of artisan wines. When the company brought in Element 26, the online retailer was about to launch a new online subscription service called My Perfect Three. As part of the customers subscription, the user would receive three bottles of carefully sourced wine each month. To accompany these wines, the company produced a video to tell the customer a bit about the history of the wine, the grower and how it should be enjoyed. These videos align with our Product 100 offering.

In addition to the regular product videos,  a compelling awareness film (Elevator 1) was also required to increase the companies visibility at the top of the funnel. 

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