Why Your Business Needs a Blended Video Strategy

If you’re involved in managing your businesses video marketing strategy, you might have to choose between investing your time in a free social player such as YouTube or Vimeo or a paid for online video platform (OVP) such as Brightcove, Wistia or Ooyala? In reality, it’s not quite so cut and dry. We have found that most businesses require what is often referred to as a Blended Video Strategy.

At its core, a blended video strategy is about utilising social channels such as YouTube and Vimeo to drive traffic back to your website where your high-value content resides. Once the user is on your website, you will want to own the user experience and this is where an OVP should take over.

‘Why do I need to pay for an online video platform when YouTube and Vimeo are free/cheap?’ We’ve heard this question before. On the face of it YouTube and Vimeo seem to offer the same thing as the more premium OVPs however it is not ideal to use a social video channel to follow your prospects down the sales funnel.  Some of the issues surrounding social video channels include:

  • Poor SEO
  • Lack of Context around your video
  • Limited Control over your Video’s Branding
  • Limited control over the User Experience

Premium video hosting providers offer benefits which are designed to optimise the user experience including:

  • Improved Video SEO
  • Visitor Insights
  • A branded experience
  • Integrations (such as with Marketing Automation software)

At Element 26, a lot of the video we produce is created with your sales funnel in mind. Once your prospect has moved beyond the Awareness stage and is starting to form an Opinion about you and your organisation it is usually not prudent to use a social player.


(the video essentials bundle from Element 26)

The types of video that we have found work really well on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo are Brand Awareness films such as the Elevator One. The Elevator One is an online promo for your business which is designed to move your prospect emotionally.

Further down the funnel, films like the Culture 360, the 60/40 and the Product 100 are better hosted with a premium solutions as they each have a role to play in escorting the prospect down the funnel. If you would like to get more ROI from your video marketing activities let us know and we can help.

About the Author

Nathan Haines

Nathan is the managing director of Element 26 and an expert in video production and video marketing. Nathan enjoys supporting companies to grow their businesses using video. Get in touch on Twitter @element26uk

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