5 Things Stopping You From Using Video Marketing That Shouldn’t

You probably know you should be using video to market your business but for one reason or another haven’t got round to it. We think we know what’s stopping you.

I was in a meeting with a potential client recently and he asked me, quite reasonably, to explain why he should be using video to market his business. (I don’t want to embarrass anyone, so let’s say he was a partner in a law firm; a soft target I know, but anyway.)

My immediate reaction was to stand up and start shouting something along the lines of, “Hello, have you been online at all in the past year or so? Have you not seen that video marketing has all but taken over the internet. That every marketer the world over is using it to sell anything you could ever want to buy in your entire life from nappies to old age homes, and including, by the way, legal services. B2C, B2B, what’s the difference, we’re all human and we’re all hooked on video, so wake up and get with the programme!”

Tempting as it was, I didn’t do that. Instead, I gave him a run down of some of the latest video marketing statistics. Stuff like:

  • 87% of online marketers use video
  • The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video
  • Video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more.

(There are plenty more like this, which you can see here.)

Statistics can only take you so far, though. What I really needed to do, in classic sales style, was to answer his objections. And he had a few. They are the same ones we hear regularly, so it seemed like a good idea to put them on paper (if for no other reason than to stop me wanting to shout at people during business meetings).

Objection no.1 – it’s too expensive

It doesn’t have to be, really. It’s true, moviegoers wouldn’t expect to sit through a three-hour feature film shot on an iPhone but online it’s a whole different world. The main currency online is authenticity. People don’t expect to see Hollywood production values on social media feeds or even on websites. It’s how well the message resonates that matters.

This is a point Jess Taylor of Cancer Research UK picks up in a recent article in Marketing Week. “We encourage teams to create their own video content using mobile devices with internal training to support,” she says. “Video shot on a smartphone can be just as powerful as a high production film in some scenarios, so don’t rule out user or employee-generated content.”

Like anything else, you can spend a lot or you can spend a little, the choice is yours (and is relative). Effective video marketing starts by setting a budget and work backwards from there. With a little creativity, you will be surprised how much bang you can get for your buck.

Objection no.2 – you have no idea what type of video to make

That’s ok. I had no idea what blog I was going to write before this morning. Australian singer-songwriter Sia sat down at the piano one day without a thought in her head and 14 minutes later had written Diamonds for Rihanna – it’s now been viewed on YouTube more than one billion times.

The chances are that you have never really thought about the message you want to put across and where your video fits into your marketing funnel. In our blog, What Type Of Video Content Should I Make? we run through a few options: a talking heads presentation, a testimonial video, an event video, to name but a few.

Always remember that the best videos engage the viewer emotionally. This is something many people overlook, especially in B2B businesses. They think they need to be serious and formal in order to match the mindset of their clients. Adobe has turned this on its head with a hilarious series of videos over the past few years, as you can see on our blog: Emotion. The Crucial Element Of Your B2B Video.

Objection no.3 – none of our competitors uses video, why should we?

This is one we hear a lot, especially from professional services companies. The obvious answer is: “Even more reason then!”

The healthcare industry has been slow to embrace video but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t do so. In fact, there are loads of opportunities for the medical sector to use video marketing and the smart companies have edged ahead of their competitors by doing so.

In our blog, 5 Things Healthcare Companies Can Do To Make Better Videos, we pointed out that seeking answers to health questions is one of the most popular activities online. For that reason, explainer and testimonial videos are especially powerful.

Objection no.4 – we can’t measure its success

Of all the objections, this is the easiest to rebut. Assuming your video is hosted by a dedicated hosting service such as Wistia, Vidyard or Brightcove, the metrics are almost endless.

Views are the most basic metric and will tell you how many people are watching your video, but that’s just the start. Engagement metrics can tell you what percentage of a video a viewer has watched and where people are dropping out. You can also measure a web page’s bounce rate with and without video to see how effective it is at keeping people on the site, and depending on what your video is for, how good it is at generating conversions.

Objection no.5 – where will we use it?

Everywhere. By which we mean on your website, on landing pages, on social media, in presentations, in one-to-one meetings.

Using the same content across different platforms is the norm nowadays. An advert by a large consumer brand, for example, will usually be aired first on TV and then have an online afterlife. Some rack up huge numbers on platforms like YouTube, such as Pokémon’s Super Bowl commercial.

Using the same content in more than one place can be an excellent way to spread your message, although how you do this will depend on where the video fits in your sales funnel. This is something we talk about in my guest blog on Impactbnd.com, Which Social Media Platforms Should You Post Your Videos On?

The short message is, if you are not yet using video as part of a blended marketing strategy, you really should be. There, I didn’t shout once.

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