About The Elevator 1

If you’ve ever wondered how to structure your video offering to maximise its effectiveness then you’re not alone. We’ve spoken to countless businesses who have heard the hype around video but don’t seem to be capitalising on the full potential of the medium. Often what is lacking is a properly thought through awareness strategy for their video.

The Elevator 1 belongs at the top of the purchase funnel meaning its primary function is to serve as an awareness film for your products and/or service – often the real beneficiary of this type of film is the brand itself, which is precisely why an effective Elevator 1 will focus on values rather than features or benefits. Whether the audience laugh or cry, the goal of a successful Elevator 1 should be to move your prospects emotionally rather than drive them towards a sale.

Playing the game of percentages, we understand that the majority of your audience will never go much further than your awareness film however, those who do, should be better aligned with your offering meaning a number of net benefits including increased sales, decreased site bounces and longer dwell times.

Awareness films sit at a fascinating cross-road because, as is illustrated in McKinsey’s ‘Customer Decision Journey’, Social Media has had fundamentally altered how, why and when people discover products, services and information.

The Elevator 1 is a promotional film which is designed to capture and move your prospects emotionally. It should contain social signals too as this can be exploited as part of your larger marketing strategy to engage prospects in conversations or alternatively, through user generated content.

Due to the implicit social value of this type of film, you might consider channels such as YouTube and Facebook as being the ideal home for your Elevator 1. In addition to these social channels, the Elevator 1 is also really effective when deployed across the ‘Open Web’ (anything outside an app based eco-system; think The Telegraph rather than Facebook). Metrics we use to define the success of an Elevator 1 are Likes, Views and Shares. Comments are less important as the Elevator 1 hasn’t yet engaged your core audience.

For more information about how you can be aligning your business with your customer through video, get in touch today or download our brochure.

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About The Culture 360

Most businesses are exposed to some level of competition. To stand out from the crowd it is important to remember that people buy from people. This is exactly why we created the Culture 360; to humanise your business and to showcase who you are. The Culture 360 is a company culture film designed to create emotional buy in from your prospects by introducing the stakeholders within your organisation and to communicate why you do what you do.

Why is emotional buy in important? Interestingly, the notion that price is the key determining factor around why people buy is actually false. Research has proven that whilst quantifiable objects such as facts, features or price play a role in the decision making process, the majority of people will actually buy based on their emotions. According to Business 2 Community (and referenced in Forbes), ‘71% of buyers who see a personal value in a B2B purchase will end up buying the product or service’.

The Culture 360 typically sits on the About page of your website and resides on the second run of the purchase funnel, meaning it should be deployed when a prospect has begun to show an interest in your offering.

The Culture 360 is one of the most important films within the Video Essentials bundle because it is the means by which we communicate your brand values. By getting to know the company stakeholders we begin to understand what the business stands for. These same values should then permeate through all subsequent content to form a continuity of message.

As the Culture 360 is a company culture film, it is typically found embedded on your website or at events. For more information about how you can be aligning your business with your customer through video, get in touch today or download our brochure.

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About The 60/40

It’s no secret that testimonials are incredibly effective at driving conversions. According to Social Fresh, ‘customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for content marketing at 89%’.

By the time your customers have entered the consideration set they will have dispensed with offerings which they deem to be unsuitable and are instead weighing up a filtered selection of products or services most closely aligned with their needs. If you’re not in your customer’s consideration set, it is highly unlikely you will win the business. The goal, should then be to become the preferred option.

The 60/40 film is part testimonial – part case study. Divided into two sections, the first section of the film occupies 60% of the film’s running time and features your client talking about their business, what they do, how they add value, their vision for the future, why they are important etc.

The second section of the film lasts for the remaining 40% of the running time and is the perfect opportunity for your client to talk about how you have helped them to live out the values they listed in the initial section of the film.

The 60/40 film is particularly effective when featuring a contributor that reflects a market segment you are looking to enter. It is also a terrific device for demonstrating how your company is embedded into the larger business community. A well produced 60/40 should resonate with the viewer to the point where they say, i’m facing a similar situation, that person is like me; this business is for me.

Seen as the 60/40 is typically used towards the bottom of the purchase funnel, it is not advisable to host this film on social channels and instead we recommend using this film as part of your larger ‘earned’ strategy by leveraging the videos intrinsic SEO value.

For more information about how you can be aligning your business with your customer through video, get in touch today or download our brochure.

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About The Product 100

Unlike the name suggests, the Product 100 isn’t just suited to businesses who like to sell products, it’s suited to services led businesses too. Otherwise known as an Explainer Film, the idea is that we take the features and benefits of your offering and turn them into a compelling narrative which resonates with your target audience. A well made Product 100 should tease the senses as explainer films have the enviable ability to be able to mix the factual with the emotive.

The Product 100 is often driven by either a voice over or by a presenter and will often focus on the thinking behind the development of your offering. Some of the most influential explainer films include this classic from Dollar Shave Club and this film from Mint.

An important film in the consideration set, a well executed Product 100 should encourage your audience to choose you over your competitor. 

"90% of of users find product videos help them make buying decisions."


As the Product 100 is so close to the purchase action, it is not ideal to use social video channels to host this piece of video content.

Alternatively, if your business is in Service, then you might find the sister product to the Product 100 more befitting your business. The Service 100 is aimed at service lead businesses who want to familiarise their prospects with their processes.

For more information about how you can be aligning your business with your customer through video, get in touch today or download our brochure.

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About The Service 100

Many service lead businesses tell us that, because what they supply isn’t tangible, they often face a challenge to make their offering feel real in the mind’s eye of their prospect. This is where a customer journey film can be tremendously effective. The Service 100 walks your prospect through the complete customer journey to give your prospects the sense of what it is like to do business with you before they make the commitment.

Good customer service has never been more important than in today’s competitive environment. According to Forrester ‘72% of businesses name improving customer service as their top priority’. And for good reason, with so many businesses offering high quality services, customer service has become the means by which customer’s distinguish one business from the next.

We created the Service 100 to familiarise your prospects with your processes, to help generate excitement and to reduce anxiety and/or objections in cautious customers. Because the video features quite far down the purchase funnel it is not restricted by things such as length.

Because testimonials are very effective for service lead businesses, we also recommend the 60/40 film as this can be an effective way to build trust.

For more information about how you can be aligning your business with your customer through video, get in touch today or download our brochure.

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About the 4×3

Content marketing is the means by which today’s businesses engage their customers.  Addressing your customer’s concerns and answering their questions can be a great way to foster good will and to build loyalty.

According to Animoto, ‘ 4 x as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it. ‘. This is why we created the 4×3, because we know your content is amplified when it is accompanied by video.

Designed to support your blog (or marketing automation strategy), we work with you to map out your content plan for the next 12 months. Each quarter we produce three bitesize films which you can use to embellish your blog and improve your seo.

What are you waiting for? For more information about how you can be aligning your business with your customer through video, get in touch today or download our brochure.

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Nathan Haines

Nathan is the managing director of Element 26 and an expert in video production and video marketing. Nathan enjoys supporting companies to grow their businesses using video. Get in touch on Twitter @element26uk

Colour Grade

Looking for the ideal place to perform your colour grade? We’re really proud of our newly installed, fully-calibrated, 4k grading suite. Located in our production offices only minutes away from Old Street station, we’ve positioned the grading suite deep underground to maximise the privacy of your production and to avoid any unwanted light or sound pollution. 

Part of a buzzing post-production department, we use our extensive experience and comprehensive workflow knowledge to manage your project throughout the entire post-production process. Running on Davinci Resolve, we invite you and your team to take your films to grade on our 65″ OLED display. At Element 26 you can be confident that all deliverables we produce will adhere to the latest broadcast standards.

We would like to get to know more about your project and to see what direction you might like to take it in. Can we create some looks from your footage to see what’s possible?

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